October 30, 2019
Tendencias digitales en Centroamérica 2019 - 2020

El estudio más importante y reciente de tendencias digitales en la región esta listo. Ahora puedes basar tus desiciones en el comportamiento de tus clientes y obtener los mejores resultados. https://estudio.stateofdigital.net/

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October 23, 2019
Building blocks of e-estonia. Digital Transformation case of study.

Estonia started with e-Governance is a strategic choice for Estonia to improve the competitiveness of the state and increase the well-being of its people, while implementing hassle free governance. Citizens can select e-solutions from among a range of public services at a time and place convenient to them, as 99% of public services are now […]

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October 15, 2019
FRAMER GUIDE TO REACT: This is great news for designers

When designers talk about code, it’s most often in the context of designing interfaces. And the way we think of interface composition is in elements, like buttons, lists, navigation, etc. React is an optimized way to express interfaces in these elements, through components. It helps you build complex interfaces (and even simple interfaces get complex […]

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October 8, 2019
We Can't Agree on a Direction – Design From Scratch

“Design From Scratch” is a series where we take you behind the scenes on why and how we are rebuilding thefutur.com from the ground up. In this episode, we meet the team including the stakeholders and designers in charge of the redesign. We also find out why it's so hard to design for yourself. In […]

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October 3, 2019
After 11 years in the U.S., WeWork brought this community associate home to Mexico

eWork’s community team members are the soul of the We community. Heart of We highlights how their hard work and passion improves the daily lives of WeWork members around the globe. Jose Carrillo’s brother had wanted him to join him in the United States for years. Carrillo did not speak English, and had never strayed far from […]

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