Osvaldo Osorio
October 15, 2019

FRAMER GUIDE TO REACT: This is great news for designers

When designers talk about code, it’s most often in the context of designing interfaces. And the way we think of interface composition is in elements, like buttons, lists, navigation, etc. React is an optimized way to express interfaces in these elements, through components. It helps you build complex interfaces (and even simple interfaces get complex quickly) in an efficient way. By organizing your interfaces into three key concepts— components, props, and state—you can express anything you can think of and get all these things easily:

  • Clear structure and rules to help organize your code, so you don’t have to start over at a certain complexity.
  • A way to isolate, compose, and re-use parts of your code between projects and across teams in the form of simple components or even complex design systems.
  • Good rules to collaborate with others, as everything is built in a similar way.

React is a smart way to organize old interface code using simple concepts and rules. Saying that it‘s only useful for engineers would be like saying that no amateur photographer should ever buy a Leica. If you have the opportunity, why not work with the best tools?

Theory, Syntax and Tools

Check this amazing documentation here: https://www.framer.com/books/framer-guide-to-react/

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