Osvaldo Osorio
October 29, 2019

A guide to the latest production-ready tools for design systems

Design systems are exploding in popularity. From tech heavyweights like Airbnb to nimble startups, organizations of every shape are reusing UI patterns to save time and money. But there’s a chasm between the design systems created by Airbnb, Uber, or Microsoft and the design systems created by most developers.

Why do leading design systems teams use the tools and techniques they use? My co-author Tom and I researched the traits of successful design systems from the Storybook community to identify best practices.

This step-by-step guide reveals the automated tooling and careful workflows used in scaled production design systems. We’ll walk through assembling a design system from existing component libraries, then set up core services, libraries, and workflows.

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This guide is made for professional developers learning how to build design systems. Intermediate experience in JavaScript, Git, and continuous integration is recommended. You should also know Storybook basics, such as writing a story and editing config files (Intro to Storybook teaches basics).


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